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I’m Cassy, owner of the shop, and I’m glad we meet!

Being a redhead comes with all kinds of benefits. Apart from the gorgeous hair we have, we also get the freckles, the pale skin and the (not always) funny nicknames. Don’t forget we’re also hot as hell, and some even say we have no soul. Is that a perk, though?

We’re kind of lucky too: only 2% of the world’s population got red hair. And if you have blue eyes? Girl, you’re as rare as the holy grail.

Shop now and be proud of your fiery head, love.


You don’t find what you want?

Maybe you’d like to mix and match a design and a product, or you have an aaah-mazing redhead joke in mind you’d like to see on a shirt. Whatever it is, ask for it. I’ll be happy to add your ideas in this shop!